Spring & Summer Sessions – Philadelphia, Abington, Montgomery County, PA Photographer

2015 Spring/Summer Sessions with Kel Murphy Photography are full sessions (not minis) with packages that you’ll love! You will receive beautiful images that capture real moments of your children and family – no time limits or stiff, posed photos.


Your Spring/Summer Session will be laid back, fun, and perhaps, even a bit relaxing. :) Your children will be dancing, singing, laughing, running and well, just being kids—but captured in a way that uniquely and beautifully reflects your family! Think of this like a play-date — the results are beautiful, real portraits that you will treasure for many, many years.

All sessions are on-location and use natural light, which I believe to be the most flattering. I have a great local spot for Sessions – a perfect outdoor setting that is secluded enough to give our session a private feel.

Expect to have fun! There are no rules or expectations for you or your children. I prefer to capture them as they are – doing what makes them happy. “Sit still and smile” will never be said by me. I prefer to document real/fun/casual/intimate moments and showcase what makes your family special.

KMP’s Spring/Summer Sessions are never scheduled back-to-back, in fact, only a few are booked per month. Scheduling a select amount of sessions ensures that I am able to give your children and family 110%. This is a boutique-type of experience that everyone deserves to have.




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Summer Sweetness – Family with Twins – Philadelphia Family Lifestyle Photographer

I know, I know. I’m a bit behind on blogging! My editing turnaround for sessions is really important to me – so blogging always gets pushed back a little too far. Hey, new goal for 2014, right? :)

This family lifestyle session was a total joy! The sweetness of summer, gorgeous twins, fabulous parents, and even a little sugar — love, love, love.

I have a few openings left for my Holiday Mini Sessions – be sure to email me to snag yours!

Twin brother and sister holding hands and walking down path in forest with butterfliesFamily of four parents with boy and girl twins sitting in grass and laughingLittle girl wearing a dress sitting outside in the grass smiling in summerTwin brother and sister licking lollypops and smilingTwin brother and sister holding hands and walking down path in forestFamily of four parents with boy and girl twins sitting on bench and laughingTwin brother and sister arms wrapped around each otherBrother and Sister twins smilingTwin brother and sister holding hands and walking down path in forestLittle boy wearing bow tie outside in the summerFamily of four parents with boy and girl twins outsideTwin brother and sister licking lollypop and smilingTwin brother and sister running in field in the summerBrother and sister twins outside in summerTwin brother and sister licking lollypops and kissingTwin brother and sister holding hands outside on a bench

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Click to see my what to wear guide for your Fall Session.

What to Wear for your Summer Session – Philadelphia, PA – Child and Family Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Wondering what to wear for your summer session? Check out these ideas!

Kel Murphy Photography What to Wear Summer 2013 Guide Kel Murphy Photography What to Wear Summer 2013 Guide Kel Murphy Photography What to Wear Summer 2013 Guide

After booking a session, you might wonder “what should we wear?!” My answer is simple – whatever you want! I know, I know, that’s not helpful, but the truth is that your clothing choice depends on what you’re envisioning for your photos. If you want relaxed photos, come in your favorite casual outfit. A little more formal? Maybe a new dress in a great color – then coordinating the other outfits around that. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you love wearing! When coordinating your outfits, I recommend not all wearing the same thing, but instead choosing like colors and mixing it up. Wondering what colors to choose?  Here are a few ideas –

•  Match your eye color. You’d be surprised how much this can do for your eyes! However, I wouldn’t recommend for your blue-eyed bunch to show up wearing head-to-toe blue. Moderation and coordination are key. Also, don’t forget how accessories can play a huge role with a pop of color!

•  Think about where in your house you want to hang your photos. You can match the colors of your outfits to your decor so that your photos will coordinate with that particular living space.

•  When in doubt, neutral colors and earth tones always photograph well.

•  The color red can be the most powerful color in images. If you wear red or red accessories, your eyes may be drawn to those things instead of faces and expressions. That’s not to say that wearing red is a big no-no – just something to think about, especially with large accessories.

•  Black is a very flattering color. It hides a lot! Sometimes I have new parents wear black, because I can use the them as a pseudo-backdrop when they are holding their babies.

Still unsure on what to wear? Ask me! Heck, you can send me photos of your options – I’d be glad to help you out!

Book your summer session now!  Email me at: kel@kelmurphyphotography.com

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