Five Minutes with a Free Model – Burholme Philadelphia – Child Lifestyle Photographer

So glad I have a willing “model” when I need to test out new equipment. I’m even more thankful for his ability for such natural poses like these. :)

I’ve heard many child photographers say how their children are SO easy to photograph, and client’s kiddos are the challenge. It’s the complete opposite for me. I’m lucky if I get one “natural” looking face from this kid – even during a five minute session. The faces below are all him. THIS is what I get by saying “turn your face towards me” or “look this way!”

This is my goofball.


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A Week (or 3) In The Life, Weeks 6-8 – Lifestyle Photographer Philadelphia, PA

New goal – weekly 365 blog post. Done! Now I’m just playing catch-up on posting the past 3 weeks. :)

Click on each photo for the detailed version.

Kel Murphy Photography Day 58 of 365 son sitting on steps in front of a dreary stormy skyKel Murphy Photography Day 57 of 365 son sliding down slide in playground wearing sunglasses and has staticky hairKel Murphy Photography Day 56 of 365 son wearing phillies hat and holding a big smiling mouth picture in front of his faceKel Murphy Photography Day 55 of 365 son floating in bathtub just showing head and shouldersKel Murphy Photography Day 54 of 365 BW top image of son's face closeup Kel Murphy Photography Day 53 of 365 Diptych of son dying easter eggs Kel Murphy Photography Day 52 of 365 son opening his plastic easter eggsKel Murphy Photography Day 52 of 365 son picking up hershey's kisses trail left by the easter bunnyKel Murphy Photography Day 51 of 365 son looking in goldfish tank in pet storeKel Murphy Photography Day 50 of 365 BW contrast image of son smilingKel Murphy Photography Day 49 of 365 son in bathtub BW blowing bubblesKel Murphy Photography Day 48 of 365 son in pet store aisle looking for toysKel Murphy Photography Day 47 of 365 son wearing knit hat standing in front of light green bushKel Murphy Photography Day 46 of 365 son standing in front of berry bush with eyes closedKel Murphy Photography Day 45 of 365 BW of son standing in snow making funny faceKel Murphy Photography Day 44 of 365 son playing with playdohKel Murphy Photography Day 43 of 365 son laying in tunnel reading books BWKel Murphy Photography Day 42 of 365 homemade pizza and kiddo in the backgroundKel Murphy Photography Day 41 of 365 son in the snow artistic editKel Murphy Photography Day 40 of 365 son's pruney hands after bathKel Murphy Photography Day 39 of 365 son's feet in bathtubKel Murphy Photography Day 38 of 365 son laughing in front of red berry bushKel Murphy Photography Day 37 of 365 BW son standing in the middle of winter trees catching snow with his tongue

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