4 Awesome Wall Art Examples For Your Home! Philadelphia Child and Family Photographer

Wall art. Yes, please!

So often our photos are only “showcased” in our computers/mobile devices – let’s get those babies on your walls! Here are a few of the latest wall art examples that I’ve shared to my blog – and they’re FABULOUS! I hope one (or two… :) will give you a little inspiration for your own home.

Click on each photo for more images.


Custom wall art framed photo dining room home decor contemporary by Kel Murphy Photography

This is a great example of incorporating two of your session images in one frame!


Custom wall art canvas cluster home decor contemporary living room by Kel Murphy Photography

Canvas wall cluster – perfect for when you want to include a bunch of session images in one room! 


Custom home decor white matted Framed photos on white wall in front of hallway table by Kel Murphy Photography in Philadelphia

Thick white mats and white frames really make images POP! I love these pieces above an entryway table.


Custom wall art home decor modern living room black and white three framed photos with gray sofa by Kel Murphy Photography

Thin white frames look awesome with large images close to each other.


Click HERE to see how snapping one photo can help you visualize custom wall art in your home!


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