What To Do When You Love Too Many Of Your Session Photos. Philadelphia, Montgomery County – Child and Family Photographer

What is the one thing you are most indecisive about? What you’ll wear/eat/watch/listen to? I’d love to chat with you! Leave me a comment – click the link right over there. 

This post should be entitled, “How being indecisive can rock!”

Do you stress out when you love too many of your session images? How on earth will you choose the right one to hang on your wall? What if you change your mind?

We can eliminate these fears right now, my friends. You’ve got enough going on – choosing images for your wall art is the least of your worries. Have you read how snapping one photo can help you visualize custom wall art in your home? If not, check it out!

Let me share something personal with you, I can be SO indecisive, it’s painful. I may spend more time choosing my next show on Netflix than I do actually watching shows. I frequently look at a client’s session gallery and think to myself “I would never be able to choose.” You know what? That’s ok! …and hey, what a good problem to have, right? :)

If you love too many of your session images, who’s to say that you can only choose one to showcase on your walls? Check out this gorgeous canvas cluster of six below. Can you envision something like this in your home? Imagine adding additional images in the future, or being able to change layouts for an entirely different look – the possibilities are endless.


The best thing of all – you will never need to guess what your images will look like on your walls. Click to see how KMP takes the stress away and makes deciding a breeze.

And don’t worry, my indecisive friends, there will be many more ideas for you coming soon! :)

Need more inspiration? Check out these other Wall Art examples!

Now, how flippin’ adorable is this family?! Sharing a few of my most favorite images from their session.


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Kel Murphy Photography Welcome Magazine 2016 - Philadelphia Child Photographer, Family Photographer, Montgomery County, Bucks County, PA, South NJ


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