Spring & Summer Sessions – Philadelphia, Abington, Montgomery County, PA Photographer

2015 Spring/Summer Sessions with Kel Murphy Photography are full sessions (not minis) with packages that you’ll love! You will receive beautiful images that capture real moments of your children and family – no time limits or stiff, posed photos.


Your Spring/Summer Session will be laid back, fun, and perhaps, even a bit relaxing. :) Your children will be dancing, singing, laughing, running and well, just being kids—but captured in a way that uniquely and beautifully reflects your family! Think of this like a play-date — the results are beautiful, real portraits that you will treasure for many, many years.

All sessions are on-location and use natural light, which I believe to be the most flattering. I have a great local spot for Sessions – a perfect outdoor setting that is secluded enough to give our session a private feel.

Expect to have fun! There are no rules or expectations for you or your children. I prefer to capture them as they are – doing what makes them happy. “Sit still and smile” will never be said by me. I prefer to document real/fun/casual/intimate moments and showcase what makes your family special.

KMP’s Spring/Summer Sessions are never scheduled back-to-back, in fact, only a few are booked per month. Scheduling a select amount of sessions ensures that I am able to give your children and family 110%. This is a boutique-type of experience that everyone deserves to have.




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