What to Wear for your Fall Session – Philadelphia, PA – Child and Family Portrait Photographer

Wondering what to wear for your fall session? Check out these ideas!

Kel-Murphy-Photography-Fall-2013-what-to-wear-guide Kel-Murphy-Photography-Fall-2013-what-to-wear-guide-2 Kel-Murphy-Photography-Fall-2013-what-to-wear-guide-3 Kel-Murphy-Photography-Fall-2013-what-to-wear-guide-6

After booking a session, you might wonder “what should we wear?!” My answer is simple – whatever you want! I know, I know, that’s not helpful, but the truth is that your clothing choice depends on what you’re envisioning for your photos. If you want relaxed photos, come in your favorite casual outfit. A little more formal? Maybe a new dress in a great color – then coordinating the other outfits around that. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you love wearing! When coordinating your outfits, I recommend not all wearing the same thing, but instead choosing like colors and mixing it up. Wondering what colors to choose?  Here are a few ideas –

•  Match your eye color. You’d be surprised how much this can do for your eyes! However, I wouldn’t recommend for your blue-eyed bunch to show up wearing head-to-toe blue. Moderation and coordination are key. Also, don’t forget how accessories can play a huge role with a pop of color!

•  Think about where in your house you want to hang your photos. You can match the colors of your outfits to your decor so that your photos will coordinate with that particular living space.

•  When in doubt, neutral colors and earth tones always photograph well.

•  The color red can be the most powerful color in images. If you wear red or red accessories, your eyes may be drawn to those things instead of faces and expressions. That’s not to say that wearing red is a big no-no – just something to think about, especially with large accessories.

•  Black is a very flattering color. It hides a lot! Sometimes I have new parents wear black, because I can use the them as a pseudo-backdrop when they are holding their babies.

Still unsure on what to wear? Ask me! Heck, you can send me photos of your options – I’d be glad to help you out!

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